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An illustration of three dimensional gears with compact discs on top and web, seo, email, content and social written on them

Website Design & Development | HTML Website Design • CMS Website Design • SEO • SEM

A website is a resource to present a company's products, services, and other resources to existing and potential customers. The degree of complexity can be reliant upon the business, industry, competition, customer expectations, and more.

I have been working in web development and marketing since the turn of the century with experience in a wide range of website building platforms, builders, and content management systems. Combined with advanced technology coding skills, I can develop a website in the most advantageous platform for your business model and access advanced automation settings and tools for enhanced capabilities.

I came into digital marketing as it was transitioning to increasingly more web and internet initiatives from traditional print-based marketing, where I got my start. Print marketing efforts never went away and through a wide variety of marketing efforts, I became an advanced Adobe® Creative Suite user. With extensive experience in photography, videography, illustration, copywriting, graphic design and more, I can deliver your website and all the content from start to finish and produced very efficiently. With extensive search engine optimization experience, I can provide content that is optimized and integrates with other digital marketing channels, like email, social media, and display and PPC advertising.

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HTML Website Design

HTML4 & HTML5 coded websites. See My HTML Website Design Portfolio...

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CMS Website Design

Wordpress, Wix, & Squarespace websites. See My CMS Website Design Portfolio...

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO, Keyword Research, Competitive Research. See My Search Engine Optimization Portfolio...

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Email Marketing, Advertising, PPC. See My Search Engine Marketing Portfolio...


For some businesses, a simple, static website that presents basic information on accreditation, products, and services is sufficient. There's a wide range of platforms available to accommodate these businesses, including hosting company site builders and content management systems like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and more. These platforms can be scaled as the business grows, offer technical support, and are very user-friendly. While fewer sites on the web are built in old-school HTML, its still a viable platform and super fast.

Other businesses, though, need or require a more robust solution. Relied on by enterprising entrepreneurs and marketing agencies alike, Wordpress is the most popular platform populating the web today. With all its tools, plugins, and widgets, Wordpress can make a small company look like an international powerhouse.

Many agencies develop all their customer's websites in a single platform, no matter the size, industry, or development state the business is at. The content management systems all have similar capabilities, so many clients won't notice a difference. The issues arise when a new company or developer is brought in to manage the website that is unfamiliar with the existing platform.


A computer screen displaying the HTML code of a website. Back in the day, most websites were built in straight HTML code. Its how I learned to develop websites. HTML websites require little maintenance and are super lightweight. This allows for a better user experience and better access to more rural locations.

HTML websites do have their challenges, though. It can be difficult to find a coding specialist. And if ecommerce, or other database driven capabilities are desired in the future, it can be much more cumbersome than with a content management system.


A computer screen showing the dashboard of the popular content management system Wordpress Content management systems (CMS) provide user-friendly and intuitive site building programs that simplify the website building process compared to typing out thousands of characters in NotePad® for an HTML website. Many businesses are now able to provide their own website updates internally due to the continued improvement of the tools and technology. CMS's usually come with a variety of tools, plugins, and widgets that can add significant capabilities very economically.

Wordpress, along with Drupal and Jumla, operate at one end of the CMS's. Preferred by most website development agencies, these CMS's provide greater control, are less restrictive, and offers robust solutions with even limited technical skills.

At the other end are CMS's like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace. These CMS's also provide user-friendly dashboards and enhanced technical capabilities. Content management systems can be very big, too, leading to longer download times and poorer user experience. Some can become sluggish over certain page counts while many are restrictive to search engine optimization efforts, though steadily improving.


A computer screen showing the statistics and charts commonly displayed to a search engine optimization professional I received early exposure to search engine optimization in the mid-2000's with a manufacturer operating a national ecommerce site. If you had a website going back then, it was pretty easy to get ranked without much effort. Stuff some keywords and a few basic settings and you were pretty well set. Working with the existing Search Engine Optimization contractor, we raised sales from $2000 a month to over $20,000 per month. The bigger issue was the occasional heavy-handed update by the search engines on their search algorithms. Many companies could find significant and abrupt rises and falls in short order with improperly structured websites.

Search engine optimization is significantly more complex on today's internet, yet more stable. The search engine's algorithms have matured and are mostly tweaks around the edges. Expanding on that earlier exposure, I have experienced similar success with both B2B and B2C businesses in regional, national, and international markets, and covering a wide range of industries.


Search engine marketing can enhance search engine optimization efforts, and vise versa. Email campaigns, social media, video, internet advertising, and more provide multiple opportunities to expand your internet footprint economically.

"I am SO pleased with the new site and appreciate your professionalism, technical expertise and patience!" Website Design, Crystal Eyes Vision Center, Mansfield, Ohio

"Helluva job, Wes, helluva job!" Website Design, Fluidol, Columbus, Ohio

"It was great, everyone at Nike Travel loved it!" Interactive Video, Travel Solutions, New Albany, Ohio

“I LOVE IT!!! Truly awesome job indeed!." Stadium Breeze, Columbus, Ohio

Significant SEO results in less than two years, eliminating advertising costs Homestead Dogs, Delaware, Ohio

Worked with SEO contractor to increase eCommerce annual sales by over 800%. Ohio Steel Industries, Columbus, Ohio

Numerous page 1 search engine results without SEO program Fluidol, Columbus, Ohio

Top 3 placement on Google Maps in less than two years for $500 website, eliminating advertising costs Precise Moving Services, Columbus, Ohio

"Love, love, loved this – what great execution – so cute!!!! Very creative… GOOD JOB!!!!!" TS24 Travel Solutions, New Albany, Ohio

Consulted Telesis Technologies China to establish email program and increased US email marketing engagement 11% Telesis Technologies, Circleville, Ohio

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