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Digital Marketing Freelance & Consulting


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Website Design & Development

Combining web development, internet advertising, and search engine optimization skills provides an extremely efficient, effective, and economical way to build a website. Eliminating the traditional duplicative communications among multiple agencies and consultants, the website, site structure, and elements can be optimized from the site's launch for quicker search engine optimization results. Certification in web coding languages enables advanced website features and tools.

I'm also an advanced Adobe® Creative Suite user, including Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Indesign, Premiere Pro, Animate, and After Effects for the ability to create a wide range of optimized creative content.

Search Engine Optimization
I received early exposure to search engine optimization in the mid-2000's with a manufacturer operating a national ecommerce site. If you had a website back then, it was pretty easy to get ranked without much effort. Stuff some keywords and a few basic settings and you were pretty well set. Working with the existing Search Engine Optimization contractor, we raised sales from $2000 a month to over $20,000 per month. The bigger issue was the occasional heavy-handed update by the search engines on their search algorithms. Many companies could find significant and abrupt rises and falls in short order with improperly structured websites.

Search engine optimization is significantly more complex on today's internet, yet more stable. The search engine's algorithms have matured and are mostly tweaks around the edges. Expanding on that earlier exposure, I have experienced similar success with both B2B and B2C businesses in regional, national, and international markets, and covering a wide range of industries.

Screen shot of a commercial childcare center website design

Search Engine Optimization | Regional Consumer

Designed and coded this HTML5 website for a new commercial Fairview Park childcare center.

In less than three years, this small website achieved top three placement in several effective keywords in generic results and maps in their region without a search engine optimization program.

Eden Academy ChildCare, Fairview Park, Ohio, 2020

Screenshot of a commercial dog training and boarding company website design

Search Engine Optimization | Regional Consumer

Replacing an unsatisfactory Business Consultant, designed, configured, and built this website for a regional dog training and boarding business rebranded under a different business name. After the Graphic Design was approved, constructed the website while also providing for all content elements, including, image editing, copywriting, and photography.

Search engine optimization services were also provided that have achieved multiple top-3 rankings for preferred keywords in generic and maps results and expanding results exposure to a multi-county region.

"...we are super busy!"

Homestead Dogs, Delaware, Ohio, 2019

Website design for an industrial manufacturing company

Search Engine Optimization | National B2B

Working within the GoDaddy Sitebuilder platform, redesigned the layout of the website while also providing optimized photography, copywriting and video content for search engine optimization services.

Replacing the combined efforts of a few Dayton marketing advertising agencies, this website has achieved multiple national #1 and page-1 results for desired keywords in generic, video, and image search results. Expanded keyword efforts have achieved similar results. As desired, the website has also been increasingly visible internationally, receiving clicks from 85 countries and impressions in over 200 in a little over 3 years and little charged search engine optimization services. The website also achieved Google Preferred Content for a highly technical blog post authored and illustrated.

Roto Tech, Dayton, Ohio, 2020

Website design for a retail manufacturing company

Search Engine Optimization | National Consumer

Worked with Website Developer and Search Engine Optimization Consultant to increase annual sales by over 1000% for this lawn and garden retail product manufacturer eCommerce website in under a year.

OhioSteel Industries, Columbus, Ohio, 2007

Website design for a manufacturing company

Search Engine Optimization | National B2B

HTML4 Website for an industrial manufacturer with Javascript banner and navigation bar. Developed when mobile formatting was becoming more standardized, this site was coded with a "fluid" structure, a pre-cursor to today's mobile compliance.

This website maintained several page-1 Google and Bing relevant generic results without an SEO program...up to eight years later.

Fluidol, Columbus, Ohio, 2014

Screen shot of a commercial boating instruction non-profit organization website design

Search Engine Optimization | Regional Consumer

Design and reconstruction of an existing Wix website for a commercial boating instruction non-profit organization.

This website has achieved page one generic results and as high as #2 on maps results without a search engine optimization program.

Central Ohio America's Boating Club, Columbus, Ohio, 2020


Screen shot of the opening scene of an industrial video

Search Engine Optimization | Video - National

In addition to the complete video production, including 3D animations, this video achieved page 1, #1 national rankings for a preferred keyword in the YouTube search engines.

Roto Tech, Dayton, Ohio, 2022

A screenshot of a commercial construction contractor website page a finished project

Website Design & Development | Wordpress

This was the third iteration of this website. The website featured customized special effects widgets and templated elements and pages.

Without an SEO program, the website achieved a handful of page one long-tail generic results after only a few months.

"Thank you, Wes. These are some great metrics already."

InDecca, Columbus, Ohio, 2023

Screenshot of commercial and residential moving company website design

Search Engine Optimization | Regional

HTML5, mobile-compliant website for a commercial and residential moving company with Javascript carousel, PHP contact form, and optimized copywriting.

Achieved Google Maps placement in under two years and eliminated business advertising costs without an SEO program.

"...don't need to advertise anymore."

Precise Moving Services, Columbus, Ohio, 2019


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