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An illustration of three dimensional gears with compact discs on top

Graphic Design | Creative Content

One thing I've learned about Graphic Design over the years is, similar to art, it's usually a matter of personal preference. I've done work for folks who were obsessed with orange, another couldn't get enough purple, and yet another that thought the purple designs were blue.

I've received rave reviews from websites created by developers with zero artistic skills and objectionable reviews from content created by contracted, and expensive, professional Graphic Designers.

What sometimes gets lost in the process is ensuring the desired message is delivered to the desired target.

A new sell sheet design for a dot peen marker

Graphic Design | Specification Sheet

Working within requested style guidelines, designed these product specification sheets, and other product and marketing materials, with consistent branding design and messaging and provide the sales staff with more professional-looking, and effective sales tools.

Telesis Technologies, Columbus, Ohio, 2018

A new sell sheet design for a dot peen marker

Graphic Design | Product Packaging

Following a successful private label contract, company desired an economical internal unbranded line. Designed these one-color, grayscale prints utilizing existing product photography and custom digital illustrations.

BEST Lighting Products, Pataskala, Ohio, 2016

Screen shot of a commercial childcare center website design

Graphic Design | HTML5 Corporate Website

The design for this HTML website for a newly established consumer childcare center called for a funner and brighter design. Worked with this small business owner to communicate their market strength in an attractive website design that achieved regional Google Maps generic search results for desired search terms without a billed search engine optimization program.

Eden Academy ChildCare, Cleveland, Ohio, 2020

Achieved map placement within two years of launch within their region without an SEO program.


Graphic design of a product logo

Graphic Design | Product Logo

Once the company branding style had been standardized, company desired to re-invigorate sales of an existing product line with a new exterior design and logo. In addition to a new logo, I created updated technical sheets and product brochures that was also followed with a dedicated product video and an animated GIF. Annual sales results were 400% over projections and with the exception of the contracted printing of the large format adhesive graphic labels, I completed the entire project internally.

Telesis Technologies, Circleville, Ohio, 2019

Graphic design of a product logo

Graphic Design | Product Logo

Following the success of a redesigned product line in the United States, the European satellite offices planned to launch of a related product line designed for the European market. Instead of shipping the existing American product overseas, it was decided to outsource production to a European manufacturer.

After the prototype product was received, the Netherlands staff photographed and gathered a few phone video clips and forwarded to me to internally produce a similar marketing stack of technical sheets, brochures, logo design, trade show signage, advertisement banners, and a commercial video production used for trade show and email marketing efforts. Annual sales results achieved 15% of all overseas accessories sales totals.

Telesis Technologies, Circleville, Ohio, 2019

A trade show banner sign featuring a new product

Trade Show Booth Signs | Graphic Design

Following a significant product rebranding, created a series of large format trade show booth signs highlighting various product lines for the company's first appearance at the National Hardware Show.

OhioSteel Industries, Columbus, Ohio, 2008


A manufacturer website design

Graphic Design | GoDaddy Sitebuilder Website

Refreshed the design of the existing website that was built within the GoDaddy Sitebuilder content management system. In addition to bolder imagery, graphics, and messaging, I solidified their web footprint to more easily connect with their existing customer base and optimized all content for significant generic search engine results.

This design was later applied to a new company product catalog and technical sheets and a 3D animated video production.

Roto Tech, Dayton, Ohio, 2020

Website has achieved numerous national #1 and page-1 results for desired keywords in generic, video, and image search results.
HTML website design for an optometrist office

Graphic Design | HTML5 Website Design

Refreshing the design of the original HTML4 website, customer desired this new HTML5 website to place more emphasis on eyewear fashion.

Crystal Eyes Vision Center, Mansfield, Ohio, 2017

Graphic design for an industrial manufacturer HTML website

Graphic Design | HTML4 Corporate Website

On arrival, the small office was decorated wall-to-wall with mounted trophies from successful hunting expiditions. The many photos cataloged the animals now hanging on the wall. The owner was now older and in failing health. One cancer bout took his jaw. Another issue took his legs. But still went to work and got around in a motorized wheelchair...that seemed outfitted with a second gear.

The business was an established national industrial manufacturer and marketing outreach efforts were minimal as industry participants and customers was comprised of a small group. Despite this, we designed a 50-page behemouth with a web page dedicated to each product with much of the imagery he'd photographed himself.

We finished the site and they were pleased with the outcome, but wonder if it was less marketing and more legacy?

Fluidol, Columbus, Ohio, 2014


Design for Corporate logo graphic

Graphic Design | Corporate Logo

The Director for this national distributor desired a new logo design in a "Bates Motel"-style. This was the final design with all the lights working.

Costless Lighting, Pataskala, Ohio, 2014

Design for Corporate logo graphic

Graphic Design | Corporate Logo

The director for this national distributor desired to update the corporate logo from the 1950's janitor-cartoon-style they had been utilizing for several years.

Contractor Lighting & Supply, Pataskala, Ohio, 2014

Design for Corporate promotional flyer

Graphic Design | Promotional Flyer

A newly launched regional commercial real estate company requested a design they could utilize for their growing property portfolio. They went with this 11x17" layout that could easily be edited internally and reproduced on common digital printers.

RZ Realty, Columbus, Ohio, 2018


Line card for a LED lighting distributor

Graphic Design | Product Line Card

A little outside my average target market, this California national distributor requested a 2-sided product brochure the sales staff could print and distribute and utilize in email campaigns.

LED Geeks, Brea, California, 2019

Line card for a LED lighting distributor

Graphic Design | Corporate Logo

This national ecommerce website requested a refreshed look to their existing logo.
LawnZenGarden, Columbus, Ohio, 2012

Corporate logo design

Graphic Design | Corporate Logo

This corporate logo was designed for a regional shipping and logistics company.

Lead Logistics, Columbus, Ohio, 2011


Corporate website design

Graphic Design | HTML5 Corporate Website

In some aspects, this was a frustrating company to work for as a marketing person. Manufacturers I've performed work for commonly received kickback from our larger customers for operating side ecommerce sites that were essentially competing against them. This was the first company, though, that I witnessed caving to the pressure. While I loaded the website with a variety of marketing elements and graphics, it was decided to limit access to the website to customers and required password login to access the content.

BEST Lighting Products, Pataskala, Ohio, 2015

Specification sheet design for an outdoor lighting product

Graphic Design | Specification Sheet

Following a significant re-branding, refreshed the design of the product technical sheets for a national distributor. The specification sheets were slight variants from the catalog that was completed earlier. Utilizing advanced InDesign automation skills, the specification sheets were rapidly generated and designed with the capability to update both the catalog and specification sheets with a single data entry, increasing efficiency and decreasing instances of errors.

Contractor Lighting Supply, Pataskala, Ohio, 2016

Graphic design of corporate website

Graphic Design | Corporate Website Design

Designed this corporate HTML5 site and new logo with page scrolling effects and a Javascript image carousel for a regional advertising agency website.

Blue-Collar Graphics, Hilliard, Ohio, 2017


Graphic design of product catalog

Graphic Design | Product Catalog Design

This 50-year-old international industrial manufacturer had limited resources and was relying on repeated edited revisions of a catalog that was several years old and lacked professional polishing. Working within stated design restrictions, established branding standards with design, copywriting, messaging and all new professional and special effects photography as well as significant photo manipulation.

Telesis Technologies, Circleville, Ohio 2018

Graphic design of a specification sheet for a rotary grinding table

Graphic Design | Product Catalog Design

The owner of this 75-year-old international industrial manufacturer contacted me to refresh a struggling website and help generate leads. We redesigned the website within the existing Godaddy Sitebuilder platform with optimized content, which was followed by a new product catalog and video with similar designs for an effictive multi-marketing result.

Roto Tech, Moraine, Ohio, 2019

A corporate postcard for a carpet cleaning company showing a carpet cleaning tool

Graphic Design | Post Card Mailer

This was a postcard mailer designed for a regional, concumer carpet and upholstry cleaning company.

All Carpet Cleaning, Columbus, Ohio, 2011


A website design for a consumer nutrition drink

Graphic Design | Corporate Website

Designed and coded this regional, consumer corporate website with national aspirations. With inventory produced, the business owner planned to circulate among local events to build interest. In a moment of bad timing, though, everything fell into place right before COVID-19 started.

Nature Shaker, Columbus, Ohio, 2020

An industrial product label

Graphic Design | Product Packaging

Establishing a new branding standard for a new retail line of product for posting on Amazon, I photo edited two stock images for this final look.

AquaScience, Columbus, Ohio, 2020

A promotional folding mailing postcard

Graphic Design | Promotional Postcard Mailer

This was a full-color postcard mailer designed for a regional business travel agency. The promotional mailer was designed with business card cut-outs and pocket folders for individual company representatives for their customers.

TS24 Travel Solutions Travel Agency, New Albany, Ohio, 2011


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