An illustration of three dimensional gears with compact discs on top


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An illustration of three dimensional gears with compact discs on top

Digital & Technical Illustrations

Adobe Illustrator was one of the first graphics program I learned. Think I started using it with Adobe Illustrator version 3.0. My first career use of it was with a lawn and garden tool manufacturer.

Our customers included many national big box store chains as well as other smaller retail outlets and distributors. Most required a digital file or representation of a supplier's product set, called a plan-o-gram (POG), was used for internal store corporate and employee reference.

Software programs had been developed that could take a package's dimensional inputs and output a representation of a supplier's product line laid out in a given amount of space. While it was fairly accurate and, more importantly, met the vendor's requirements, the outputs were simple, single-color, line drawings with oddly sized and placed dimensional references. And they worked great with rectangle, square and even oval and circles. Our product line of oddly shaped shovels, leaf rakes and cultivators, however, resulted in our plan-o-grams looking like stick figures drawn by a 4-year-old (albeit, with the manual dexterity to draw amazingly straight lines)

Our company worked with a design studio prior to my arrival and they created a digitally illustrated plan-o-gram within Adobe Illustrator® as an alternative. It was much better, with coordinated colors and more recognizable shapes. Maybe a touch less accurate, but much more presentation-worthy.

Company hired me into the sales and marketing department just as I'd finished my Illustrator class in my technology. Presentations were big here with some PowerPoint's over 200 slides long. Transitioning between the shipping department and helping sales and marketing with trade show and presentation activities, I'd began to develop my own plan-o-gram images. These were highly accurate digital representations of the products as they would on the shelf.

These digitally illustrated plan-o-grams eventually worked their way into our presentations. I worked in 3-dimensional representations of the customer's shelf racking system and later included signage concepts and prototype endcap displayers.

I've had numerous opportunities to utilize digital illustrations in a wide variety of marketing projects, including, labels, packaging, videos, instruction manuals, birth announcements, websites, and more.

Installation instruction sheet for an electronic device for an electronic product manufacturer.

Installation Instruction Sheets | Digital Illustrations

These digital illustrations were created for an electronic device manufacturer for their updated instruction manuals. The digital illustrations display how to install and use the device and was later translated into seven other languages.

Globtec, Northvale, New Jersey, 2020

An assembly instruction sheet for a wheelbarrow

Digital Illustrations | Assembly Instructions

This is a series of digital illustrations for a new retail wheelbarrow product assembly manual. This black and white version was provided in each box as well as printed on the exterior of the corrugate packaging. Full color versions of these illustrations were also used in many presentations and one illustration was utilized by the new product design group contracted for the packaging design artwork.

UnionTools, Columbus, Ohio, 2003

Digital illustration for a Home Depot lawn and garden product layout

Illustrated Plan-O-Gram | Creative Content

Digital illustrations of a retail product Plan-O-Gram for the Home Depot stores. Prominently featured in our presentations, these illustrations were later also used for installation instructions for the contracted field rep groups when setting the stores. They were featured on the first page of each Home Depot region for their placement guide book utilized by Home Depot staff for internal reference and management.

UnionTools, Columbus, Ohio, 2002


Layout of a product package for a commercial lighting manufacturer outdoor light

Product Packaging | Digital Illustrations

In addition to the photography, package layout, graphic design, and copy writing, I created these digital illustrations for the 13-SKU packaging line of unbranded retail external lighting products.

BEST Lighting Products, Pataskala, Ohio, 2016

Digital illustration of a pet product retail set

Illustrated Retail Plan-O-Gram | Digital Illustrations

Performing work for another manufacturer, created the digital illustrations for a proposed retail line of private label pet products for a presentation.

MiracleCorp, Moraine, Ohio, 2009

Digital illustration for a leaf rake display

Illustrated Retail Display | Digital Illustrations

Utilizing the digital illustration created for the product plan-o-grams, this illustration was included in the displayer label graphics included in the presentation and later supplied to a national retail chain.

UnionTools, Columbus, Ohio, 2004


An elegant corporate Christmas card with script lettering and tree bulbs and ribbons

Christmas Post Card | Digital Illustrations

Created this digital illustration for a corporate Christmas postcard mailing to the customer list.

Telesis Technologies, 2017, Circleville, Ohio

A 3D digital illustration of some internal mechanisms of a marking laser.

Presentation Graphics | Digital Illustrations

This 3-dimensional layered digital illustration with transparent components was created for the company presentation to display the internal operations and processes to create a laser beam.

Telesis Technologies, 2018, Circleville, Ohio

Black and white retail product package print out displaying assembled product and usage instructions.

Presentation Graphics | Digital Illustrations

This series of digital illustrations was created for this single-color direct package print that conformed to the Craftsman brand graphics standards. These same illustrations were produced on an assembly instruction sheet included in the package. While not as volatile as the full-color package label, these illustrations went through numerous iterations after the nearly two-month approval process.

OhioSteel Industries, 2008, Columbus, Ohio


Digital illustration of the lighting configuration for a new industrial building

Building Lighting Installation Map | Digital Illustrations

A detailed digital illustration created to display a proposed industrial building lighting layout. This highly detailed illustration was added to the official proposal to boost award chances.

Contractor Lighting Supply, Pataskala, Ohio, 2016

Digital illustration of a new lighting product

Technical Digital Illustration

Detailed digital illustration for an industrial emergency lighting product for the enclosed instruction and assembly manuals.

BEST Lighting Products, Pataskala, Ohio, 2016

Religious digital illustration for a birth announcement

Digital Illustration

A digital illustration as the background design for an employee birth announcement.

BEST Lighting Products, Pataskala, Ohio, 2016


Digital illustration of a product process

Digital Illustration

A 3-dimensional digital illustration with transparent elements to display the internal functioning of a marketing laser for a sales presentation.

Telesis Technologies, Circleville, Ohio, 2018

Digital illustration of a product process

Digital Illustration | Creative Content

A digital Illustration created for a PowerPoint presentation for a search engine optimization services company.

Coolrilla, Columbus, Ohio, 2011

A digital illustration showing a woman sitting at a desk on a tiny island with sharks circling and a large white boat approaching from the right

Digital Illustration | Creative Content

A custom digital Illustration created for a PowerPoint presentation for a search engine optimization services company.

Coolrilla, 2011, Columbus, Ohio


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